Saturday, October 5, 2013

JB Lacaden Week 67: Ephemeral

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JB Lacaden’s Picture Choice: 1

Title: Ephemeral

I raised my hand
And stabbed the night
With a sickle of a moon
And it bled out clouds
That muddied the sky.
The stars, they started
Coming out,
Curious as to what happened;
Cosmic fireflies,
They watched me
Rip the night in half.
I shoved my head
Behind the curtain
And I saw the planets
Dancing the ballet:
Traipsing and twirling
And tiptoeing around
The sun.
I started to cry
At the magnificence
Of the heavenly orchestra
And I embraced
The ephemeral feeling
Close to my chest
But it started to disappear
Like smoke
And only its smell
But I know
That too will disappear
Leaving nothing
But ghostly images of it
In my head.


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JB Lacaden dreams of someday being a published writer. He currently resides in Manila, Philippines. He's a lover of comic books, science fiction, and high fantasy. Check out some of his works at and follow him at @jblearnstowrite.



  1. oh wow - I LOVE the images here. Stabbing the night with the moon and it bleeding out clouds... LOVED IT.