Friday, June 12, 2015

Lizzie Koch Week 154: New Friends

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Title: New Friends

She knew about the cheating. Knew every syllable leaving his lips so easily was full of deceit. But it was the way he breezed in with his lopsided grin and graze on her cheek, passing as a kiss, that made something within her die. She knew those lips had been all over someone else and he dared to touch her with them after spewing his lies.


It wasn’t even the touching. It was the manner of his touch. He couldn’t even be bothered to look at her. He couldn’t be bothered to actually kiss her. It was more of a cursory touch you’d give your great aunt who smelt of lavender and cats.

And that hurt.

If he didn’t want to kiss her anymore, what chance did she have when all interest was lost? There was no way she could turn his head, turn him on. There was nothing left.

She watched him sit in his chair, buried in the newspaper. Occasionally, his eyes scanned the pages but mostly they glazed over as the corners of his mouth curled up in his sexy half smile. She hated how his smile still made her want him, made her physically ache for him when he was obviously thinking about her, being with her. He didn’t miss her, want her or acknowledge her as a husband should his wife.

She toyed with the knife in her hands. How easy it would be to slice his throat as his gorgeous blue eyes stared in shock, hers the last face he would see. The thought didn’t even scare her. But why should she suffer the rest of her life in jail for him?

She smiled.

There was more than one way to get back at him, make him suffer for a change. Torture him like he tortured her every single day. She just needed to make a new friend. A friend who knew her husband just as well she did.


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