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Miranda Kate Week 96: InterDimensioning

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Title: InterDimensioning

Elisa thought she was seeing things. She rubbed her eyes. Nope, they were purple - or lilac - and all different shades. She turned a full circle taking in the hills surrounding her and their strange growths that looked like trees, despite all the colours being wrong. She had never seen black bark before.

She checked her watch, but it didn’t tell her anything. No time had passed, as she knew it wouldn’t, and if she waited it might even start moving backwards. She sighed. She was sick of these games and she didn’t want to play anymore.

She sat down cross-legged on the soft grass – the only thing that appeared normal here. She wondered how long he would be. She didn’t fancy hanging around here for too long, she felt exposed.

She scanned the hills. She felt like her ears were reaching out of her head to pick up any unusual sounds, but there was nothing out of sync, there were only normal wildlife noises like bird song, shuffling of small creatures, and wind through the trees. If it wasn’t for the colour of the trees, she would’ve thought she’d been transported to another place in her own dimension.

She tapped her watch. Yes, it was still working and moving clockwise. She had expected something freakier, like last time, especially after Logan’s description. But then she remembered how he’d described that place, the entire underestimation; they’d had to run for their lives to the portal and she figured that maybe this time he was overcompensating just to be on the safe side.

She was also learning that his perception was a little off kilter. He looked at things as though he could see round corners – and maybe he could. How many people could just move someone out of their own dimension in a blink of an eye? Not many. Most of them had some kind of giant machine in their house to do it, and even then the chances of finding anything interesting were slim.

Logan had developed such a simple method with the tiny doorway he’d built. He’d snap his fingers and they were gone. If others found out it would destroy the entire portal industry. But then wasn’t that how it had happened with computers? They used to fill a room with machines to get just one tiny megabyte, and now you could attach a tiny screen to your wrist like a watch to access everything.

This prompted Elise to look at her watch again. How long was he going to be?

She heard a loud sucking pop behind her, and stood up. Finally.

But when she turned and saw the look of alarm on his face as he ran towards her, all her impatience was gone.

“Quick Elly! RUN!”

A crunching sound was following him and she saw the entire hill shift behind him. The lilac trees were starting to blend together. She didn’t need to ask anything, she reached out and grabbed his hand as he passed her and they ran together into what she hoped would be an exit.


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  1. I hope it's an exit too but feel it may not be the exit Elise wants. An exciting piece of writing! xx

  2. It's surreal, like you said, Miranda, but it works. The writing is nice & crisp...