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Miranda Kate Week 110: We Only Live Once.

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Title: We Only Live Once

Darian ran his fingers over the letters that had been carved in the bark, and wondered who had put them there. He then looked at some of the other palm trees on the small island to see if there were any more; there weren’t.

Clearly life had reached this place, or this point, but there was no telling how long ago it had been, although Darian knew it had to have been more than twenty years at least. The seas had only started receding over the past year, with pieces of land starting to appear here and there. This had been a high point; the top of a chain of islands on the equator. There were no maps anymore though, so there was no exact knowledge. Debbie said the tops of the palms must have been breaking the surface, otherwise they wouldn’t have survived, not after fifteen years of being submerged.

He looked over at the make-shift beach house they had built, and Debbie busy sweeping out the day’s sand. It wasn’t much but it beat life on the sea, although after he found Debbie’s boat things had improved. The two boats strapped together had created quite a sturdy craft, and they had been able to go further than most of the other survivors – what few there had been. It had also given them more room to share their life in. Although looking at her swelling belly, he was glad they’d found land; trying to have a baby and raise it on the sea would have been really hard, especially through the times of little rain.

He took a deep breath, relishing the smell of the trees and foliage, which brought back childhood memories of a time when there were woods to investigate, and fields to run across, when talk of the ice caps melting was only a distant threat, not to be taken seriously.

He was grateful that his child would have the chance to do the same, because as the words said, ‘We only live once’.


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