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Pablo Michael Week 114: Villa Roma #4

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Pablo Michael’s Picture Choice: Both

Title: Villa Roma #4

Without explanation Ignacio grabbed one of Anthony's bags, dragging him by a hand, still clutching another suitcase, up the stairs until they reached the next floor. “I hope you like your room. May not be what you expected” He stopped at an open door down the dark, tiled hallway. He set the bags down in the entry, his left arm open, guiding Anthony’s entrance.

Squeezing past Ignacio through the narrow passage, Anthony inspected a small, furnished, lived-in room which appeared to be the living room. Although initially speechless and suspicious, he glanced around, realizing Villa Roma #4 was Ignacio’s apartment. “I don’t know what to say?”

“Just say you like your accommodations for your visit in my city. I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable. But I’d like you to stay with me. While you’re in Florence.”

“But I might be an inconvenience.”

“Nonsense! We’ll get to know each other. Maybe a bit more intimately. If you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, but…” Flustered, Anthony attempted to find an excuse to accept Ignacio’s hospitality but wanted excitement, more than he ventured to imagine, when he had left Stuart in Rome. And even more, he would love to have a man like Ignacio in bed with him, like Stuart had with that hunk. He could erase the image of Giancarlo, naked, in the doorway after having sex with his partner.

“I could show you around the university?”


“Please,.., I won’t get in the way of your plans, when you need to take care of your business.”

“Okay.” Anthony relented, thinking his company would be more than welcome, and his knowledge of Florence would be an ideal answer for his itinerary.

“Bravisimo!” Ignacio wrapped his arms around Anthony, hugging and kissing him passionately, like a man reunited with his lover after a long separation.

Without hesitation, Ignacio’s kisses and hands graduated into seduction. Slowly and methodically, he undressed Anthony, leading him into the bedroom.

Numb-struck by his own plans to become acquainted, in a less aggressive manner, Anthony welcomed Ignacio’s overpowering, Italian passion, obviously less inhibited than any American gay man he had known.

Anthony lay with Ignacio next to him, admiring his dark, curly haired chest and his sleek, defined body.

Ignacio stared intently, like a frisky puppy anxious to play more.

“What about dinner? Is that a real restaurant or is it someplace you fictionalized?”

“No, it’s a very nice cafĂ©, just a couple blocks down the street.” Ignacio clutched Anthony’s left hand and kissed his fingers. “But it’s much too early to eat. We have time to fool around more.” He grinned, his dark brown eyes sparkled, begging pretty please.

“I’m very exhausted and in need of a shower.”

“Oo-la la, that sounds good, showering together, where I can lather every inch of your body.” Anthony smiled in agreement, remembering the last time, many years before, when he and Stuart shared a playful time like this.

Anthony’s cell phone reminded him of the outside world. “I better answer that. It might be from the university.” Thinking the call might be about his appointment in the morning, he went to the entryway, Ignacio tagging, closely behind. Retrieving his phone from his trousers, he recognized Stuart’s number super imposed over the picture of the ocean on the screen. “It’s only Stuart. I’m not answering.

“Your boyfriend?” Ignacio stared at the screen on the phone. “Where is that beautiful place?” He admired the narrow crack between two steep cliffs, where waves crashed through from the ocean.

“Uh, it’s at a beach we usually go this time every year. We came to Italy this year instead. And yeah, that was my boyfriend.”

“It’s beautiful. Where is this beach?”

“It’s in Big Sur. Along the coast, north of Los Angeles. That cove was our special place.”

“Maybe I can show you my favorite place on the sea nearby. But now. What about that shower?” Ignacio ran his hands across Anthony’s hairy chest.

“First, let me call the university and confirm my appointment for tomorrow morning.” He tapped the screen on his cell. A different landscape photo popped up.

“Oh, that’s a nice picture too.” Anthony liked the wooded trail along a hillside.

“That’s the path to my secret hideaway. I go there to be by myself.”

“A beautiful place for a beautiful man.”

Anthony kissed him, pleasing Ignacio enough to bring a big smile to his mouth and sparkles in his eyes. “Those deep green eyes are gorgeous.”

Anthony blushed, while he tapped the numbers for his call.

Ignacio left to straighten the bedroom and prepare the bathroom for their shower.


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  1. Great pace, well written, good visuals. I loved the line you used to describe Ignacio's enthusiasm, "like a frisky puppy anxious to play more." Apparently, revenge is best served in Florence! Bravo!! xo

  2. Ignacio's a bit pushy - although Anthony seems happy to go along with it. Wonderful introduction to Florence! LOL The sweetness of revenge. I liked this so much I had to go back and read the first part!