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Miranda Kate Week 112: Wedding Twister

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Title: Wedding Twister

Mariette gathered her wedding dress round her as she ran down the street. She was glad she’d gone for comfy wedding shoe or she wouldn’t have had a chance. The siren’s were still blasting out their urgent call, but she no longer heard them as her mind ran through the last moments of her life.

Tommy had grabbed her hand when he had seen the air kick up in the field over from paddock they were getting married in. He knew what it meant, and by the time they had come through the house, they could hear the crunching air as the twister hit the ground just a few feet away from their wedding alter. She could hear chairs hitting the roof as they sprinted down the road.

Tommy had let go of her hand to run on ahead and pull up the storm drain. It was their only hope, none of the homes round here had stone foundations, and no one had thought to put in a storm shelter, under that wonderful ideology ‘it’ll never happen here’.

“Come on Mariette, run!”

He called to her, hand outstretched ready to drop her down. She didn’t think twice about it until the stench of the sewer hit, but as the crunching got louder and her veil was whisked from her head she didn’t have time to react, only to jump.

The splash and squelch made her nose wrinkle and she hoiked her dress up further, knowing that it was probably too late to salvage it, but still hoped to keep it relatively unspoiled.

Tony climbed down the ladder, dragging the storm drain cover over as much as he could, before splashing down next to her.

“We’ve gotta go further in honey, it’s gonna pass right over us.”

He took her hand and led her down one of the tunnels, both of them hunched over. She kept close, trying to remain downwind of his musky body spray rather than the reek of human waste. He stopped in a little siding that had a tiny step up that allowed them to step out of the muck, although they were still crouched over.

They could hear the cacophony overhead get louder. Tommy squeezed Mariette’s hand.

“We’ll be good, you’ll see.”

She leaned into him, and buried her head in his shoulder.

They heard some of the storm drain covers lift off further along the tunnel, and the sewer water being sucked up where they had come down – the cover having been taken by the twister. A wind blast hit them, and Mariette felt her dress being pulled slightly. Tommy brought her further into him, wrapping an arm round her waist to make sure her had her, and whispered in her ear, “It ain’t having you, you’re mine.”

She lifted her head up and grinned. “You ain’t married me yet Tommy.”

He grinned back at her. “Cheeky lady. But you’re right, this has put a crimp in our plans, but we’ll right it soon enough.”

“A crimp? I would say a bit of a twist!” Mariette giggled.

Tommy laughed too. “I love about you Mariette, only you could find something funny about standing in a storm drain while a twister passes overhead.”

He pulled her in for a kiss, and she obliged. It was their wedding day afterall.


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