Sunday, November 30, 2014

Laura James Week 127: Cloak and Dagger

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Laura James’s Picture Choice: One

Title: Cloak and Dagger

Sitting over looking the Firth of Forth, Hamish pulled his duffle coat around him. He wasn't nocturnal by nature and waiting for his contact at 2am in the morning confirmed what he had always known. His body had been built for daylight hours; in the dark his vision was compromised, his hands (used to the delicate work of a haberdasher) felt trapped in bulky gloves, every sound like a gunshot in his ear.

It wasn't long before a lone figure appeared, trudging up the small hillock.

'Hamish, that you man?'

'Aye it is.' Hamish walked down to meet the man approaching. 'You got my merchandise?'

A small bag was thrust into Hamish's hands, 'Promise you won't tell a soul where you got this?'

Sighing Hamish said 'What's wi' you an' all the cloak and dagger stuff? You're not a spy on a mission, you're delivering next months order of buttons.'


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Based in Dunfermline, Scotland, Laura is obsessed with all things horror and spends her time writing flash fiction which she hopes, on occasion, really scares her readers. Feel free to stalk her on twitter, @lejamez



  1. 2am rendezvous! Buttons! Totally unexpected but rather cute and humorous. xx