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Pablo Michaels Week 124: Felix's Man Cave

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Title: Felix's Man Cave

Geraldo sat on the street bench across from the antique streetlight, simulating a gas lamp from the past. The light illuminated the orange and yellow leaves of a large maple tree. Similar trees lined both sides of the street in front of the clustered Victorian houses. He thought Felix had been joking when he said his house was in Maple Grove. This display by autumn was almost indecent to a man from the desert southwest. The only landscape hues Geraldo had witnessed were the white blossoms of yuccas and the brief jeweled colors of different cacti in the desert sand, after a spring rain.

Geraldo stared at Felix’s business card, given to him in haste at the airport, when Felix left Palm Springs a week before. Looking at his watch, it read quarter to nine. It’s too early to arrive at his house for a drink. I think I’ll inhale some more of this fresh, damp air. He walked as a fine mist drifted in the crisp night air, but that didn’t bother him. It was a refreshing change from the ninety degree temperatures he had left behind. Deciding to walk slowly down the street, he gathered these houses were occupied by a host of exciting new men to gaze upon, for at least fantasy’s sake. He had never met such fun-seeking males who had accompanied Felix to Palm Springs for a Halloween weekend getaway. They were all very handsome men whose bodies looked finely-sculpted from daily jaunts to the gym before or after work. But more than their physical attributes, Geraldo had never clicked in spontaneity like he did with them. They prodded each other into daring adventures, allowing their defenses to disappear, unlike Geraldo who always considered it too risky and would humiliate one’s proper etiquette in social circles, like the men in the Palm Springs gay circuit. Palm Springs men were sedate and definitely not bold like the men from Minnesota.

The mist had turned to a steady rain. Walking on the sidewalk, Geraldo decided it was time to find Felix’s house. He looked for the right address.

When he had met Felix at the club, The Anvil, the night before Halloween, he felt an attraction unlike he had ever experienced. Remembering how sexually comfortable he had been, like no other man he’d been with before, he felt his penis rise into erection. He couldn’t define how his testosterone levels heated simply thinking about him, like at this particular moment, walking up to the front door of his house.

On Halloween night, the men from Maple Grove gave a party, even Bacchus couldn’t match. Felix invited Geraldo and his friends, but unfortunately, when the police came to break it up, Felix and his friends were evicted from their motel, with no remaining vacancies in the entire town. Geraldo rushed forward, like Don Quixote, finding the men from Maple Grove places to stay for the remainder of the weekend with friends. Of course, Felix was taken in by Geraldo in his humble studio apartment. The man from Minnesota extended his gratitude by inviting Gabriel to spend an all-expenses paid for a week or two as his guest in Maple Grove.

Standing under the porch light, high-lighting a note on Felix’s door, Geraldo scrutinized each word carefully, not wanting to misread a single word. He whispered the words.

“Greetings Geraldo,
Leave your shoes by the door before coming in the house.
Your clothes are wet from the rain,
So, please, hang them to dry on the clothesline.
Then come through the door of the parlor.
You’ll see stairs to the right.
Take them down to my man cave.
We’re going to have some fun.
I have a fire blazing for you.
I hope you don’t mind if I’m being too forward.
But I think we click together.
Let’s find out if we can go farther.
Your friend in Debauchery,

Maybe he is more stilted in behavior than I thought or maybe not. Geraldo shed his tennis shoes, as instructed. After all, in Palm Springs, we don’t take off our shoes before entering a house, even the few times it rains during the year. Upon entering through the door, he set down his single suitcase. He hung his wet leather jacket on the coatrack by the door. The fragrance of the moist leather spread throughout the room, arousing him. Geraldo slipped off his T-shirt and draped it over the clothesline. He hung his jeans with two clothespins. He kept his socks on his feet. Bashfully, he walked through the room, wearing his chartreuse Andrew Christian briefs to the stairs, feeling the chill in the air with goose bumps prickling his naked skin. He heard his footsteps creak as he descended the wooden stairs, leading to a basement. He heard a door open from below.

“My Sir Galahad. You’re here at last.” Felix’s voice sent more ripples of arousing chills throughout his body.

Geraldo saw his host’s slim, sleek, nearly naked body, greeting him. A skimpy towel wrapped around Felix’s narrow waist, revealing only the base of his thick dick, where it sprouted amongst a dense patch of dark, curly public hair.

“I have a cold bottle of champagne ready to christen for your arrival.”

Geraldo felt his penis begin to swell in the pouch of his briefs. His face flushed a crimson red.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m turned on too.” Felix’s dick rose into an erect stance, beneath the towel. “Did you have trouble finding my house? I expected you earlier, before the rain started.”

“I thought I was early. So I took my time walking around your neighborhood. The trees outside are so beautiful. And the rain felt refreshing.” Geraldo shielded the bulge in his crotch with one hand.

“Come on down.” Felix met him halfway up the stairs and grabbed the hand hiding his erection. Dragging him down to the basement, he whispered, “I want to help slide down your underwear,” snickering between each word he spoke. “And they are sexy!”

“Shouldn’t I bring down my suitcase?” Geraldo asked, defensively.

“We’ll get it later. Come on. I’ve been waiting for you all week. I’ve remodeled my man cave. Just for you.”

When Geraldo entered the room, he stood awestruck, totally oblivious to Felix sliding down his briefs. His eyes scanned the room with wonder. To his right, a fire blazed within a rock wall. Recessed black lights lit the floorboards around the room. The walls were black at the bottom, gradually brightening to an indigo blue up to the crown molding at the top and spread across the ceiling, where small white lights sparkled from wall to wall. A king sized bed was laid out with the sheets folded down, to the right of the door, across from the fireplace,

“You did this for me?” Geraldo noticed Felix pouring champagne.

“Yes, although I had help from my friends. I and, also they, wanted to thank you for your hospitality. We had a blast staying with you and your friends. There’s not much to do in Maple Grove but appreciate the fall color. And I want to ask you a favor. You don’t have to answer right away. Perhaps it would be better when you’re ready to go back home.” Felix handed a glass of champagne to Geraldo. “Cheers my friend.”

They toasted.

“You’ve kind of made it hard for me to refuse with all this. I never expected…”

Felix grabbed him by the waist with his free hand, pulling him toward the bed opposite the warmth of the fireplace. The bed was ready to be occupied with the sheets spread open. “But I do expect you to be happy in bed like you made me in Palm Springs.”

“Okay, what’s the question?” Geraldo suspected some new kinky endeavor, from what his friends back in Palm Springs had related in their detailed stories about Felix’s friends while they stayed as their guests.

“That can wait. Last year, we had no sign of summer until late May. Spring Break next year happens in March. Won’t Palm Springs be tons of thrills for you then?”

“Yeah, it can be lots of fun. Maybe you could come sometime.”

“Well, that’s my question.” Felix paused to study Geraldo’s reaction, which was absent of expression, except a teasing smile at the corners of his mouth, enhancing Felix’s arousal. “Could I come spend that week with you? Like I said, you don’t have to answer now. You may not like me as much as I like you.”

Geraldo grabbed Felix’s glass and set both theirs on the nearby table. Wrapping his arms around him, he shoved him onto the bed. “I can answer that now. Yes! Come stay with me.”

They kissed with voracious appetites to fulfill their hunger for each other, even though they had only met a week before. Kissing and fondling, Felix set the pace for a journey of continuous, passionate romps with Geraldo in his man cave, for the next two weeks.


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