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J M Blackman Week 138: Wish You Were Here

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Title: Wish You Were Here

He should have figured out that his flight would be cancelled. He had such a life, such luck. His friends had planned to meet him in Hawaii. It was the first big trip he had planned since he had started teaching. It was what had got him through the first half of the year.

And now he and his board were warming up an airport floor.

He had already let his friends know that he was scheduled for the next available flight. Which wasn't for another 13 hours. And he couldn't go home, because he had already driven for hours. He didn't want to check into a room for half a day either.

A few hours into his wait, he received a text from his girlfriend.


He hadn't known the exact time of her flight. But he also hadn't thought she'd be there so much earlier than him. He replied.


She responded NOT SOON ENOUGH.

He agreed.

He tried to stay positive but it was hard when everyone he saw was leaving for their flight, and he was staring into the curls and swirls of a board that was still hours away from water.

He stared so long he thought he could see the golden ratio in his board's depths. But the whorls were just starting to blur when a familiar set of feet appeared in his sight, disrupting his reverie.

The feet of his girlfriend.

He looked up into her smile. He couldn't even get up he was so shocked. He didn't need to. She plopped down right across from him, her carryon beside her.

"We can wait it out here. I don't like wishing we were together. We should together. "

Then, they stared into the waves on his board. Together.


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J.M. Blackman is a Language Arts teacheri and a feminist. She endeavors to review nearly everything she reads and is a happy wife. She's a SFF enthusiast, loves dark humor, and has an unhealthy need to protect the image of Batman.



  1. I'm glad she was able to turn around. It sucks to be stuck away from those you love.