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Kimberly Gould Week 131: A Job to Do

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Kimberly Gould’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: A Job to Do

Bianca swarmed with her sisters, each as colourless as the next. A person, if anyone were fool enough to be out at this hour, would see right through them. She flitted to a branch, dancing around one of the many spruce needles, around one, then another, another, slowly spiraling out to the tip of the branch. Behind her ice crystals formed and stretched. At first they were so small, so minute, no one but Bianca or her sisters could see them, but they grew, encouraged by her joy, her strength, her magic. By the hundreds, thousands, the ice fairies drifted, making their way from one tree, flower, bush to the next. They stopped when they found something man made. The metal of the fence was harsh, grasping, threatening to trap the unwitting fairy who landed. on it. Most of the fairies broke off, finding easier, friendlier surfaces.

Bianca frowned at the metal, at the much nicer greenery lying behind it. She shook her wings vigorously and flew over the surface of the metal, back and forth. It took most of the night to finish looping back over the links and she rest on a leaf behind the frosty residue left by one of her sisters. Exhausted, she glanced once over her work as the sky first grew pink. The light shimmered, shining on the crystals she had made. She watched them grow and wondered where they found the encouragement to do so. It wasn’t from her, she could barely move a muscle. It wasn’t from her sisters, they had all moved on. As the first full rays of light beamed on the fence, the growing ceased, easily as thick as on any other surface.

Bianca took a long, deep breath, ready for her heart to break. As she watched the sun shining bright, she also watched as it undid all of her work. She couldn’t stop it, and she would start again when the sun went down.


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  1. I love how you write a very vivid, imaginative story is so few words and still paint a complete picture. Poor Bianca, isn't she like the ancient Greek man, Prometheus who rolled the rock comntinuously up the hill only to have ity roll back down when he he reached the top? Great interpretation of the picture too.