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Miranda Kate Week 128: A New King

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Title: A New King

Sanjay stood up on the little podium the people had erected in front of the palace. It was a little rickety, but then they didn’t have much. They had adorned it with symbols for the coronation: elephants, swords, feathers and trees, and swathed all the railings in red and gold material. It was a little worn and frayed at the edges, but it still felt regal.

He looked out at horde of towns people; like the buildings behind them they looked worn and dilapidated; the years under his father’s reign had not been kind. But he could also see a light in their eyes and smiles on their faces - hope was ever present, and it filled him with courage. He addressed them.

“My people, I have returned home to mourn my mother’s passing whom many of you were kind enough to support and love after my father’s death. I know he ruled you all with a hard and cruel hand. I see hope in your faces as you look upon me, hope that I can repair the wounds of his rule, but I can not be your King.”

Faces fell and there were ripples of discord. Sanjay held up his hand and they quieted.

“But fear not, I will not leave you bereft. Our family will not desert you in your hour of need. Although I am not able to take up the mantle myself, one of my brother’s will – one you all know infinitely better than me, and who you have grown a fondness for after he tried his best to assist you during our father’s worst times: Navashen Priyanesh Devashish.”

Sanjay turned, indicating to Nav who was sitting behind him on the podium. Nav stood up. He smiled at the people, and opened his arms to them. They cheered. Sanjay was relieved to hear the sound.

“We - my bothers and sisters and I – will support Navashen in his new role as your King. We will advise and help him bring back the trust and love that you have all been missing since our father’s reign. Together we will bring the town and its people back to its rightful place as the jewel along the Godavari river.” More cheers went up and music started. Sanjay had to raise his voice for his final sentence, “And people will come from all over to see our success!”

With roars from the crowd two men picked up Nav’s chair, his make-shift throne, and raised it up over their heads, carrying him carefully off the podium and in amongst the crowds. People started singing and the air became thick with petals thrown in celebration.

Sanjay found himself grinning from ear to ear. Their elation and enthusiasm was infectious. It couldn’t have gone better. His brother had been accepted as their new king and everyone was joyous about it.


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  1. Your story has the always existing hope found with these people or subjects.It is especially optomisitic with the coinciding hopes with religions in other parts of the world at this time of the year. I dare not inquire as to the horrific treatment they received under the old king's reign.