Friday, December 12, 2014

Nick Johns Week 129: Greater Love Hath No Man...

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Nick Johns’ Picture Choice: One

Title: Greater Love Hath No Man...

For years without number I searched until, at last, I find her, bound, in the woods.
My heart sings as I hear her voice; a resonance of souls.
She flickers and flashes, ever on the edge of sight, sparkling like spray from a waterfall caught in a sunbeam; eternal, ethereal, ensorcelled.
I see her agony, encased in a faerie cage.
I must act. This bondage of my beloved is monstrous.
Can I do this thing?
I gather my courage and summon my power.
The storm gathers, wind scudding and snatching hungrily at my robe.
This will alert her captors, driving them from their holes like voles in a flood, but I hold the energies, building them to a roaring peak.
I cast the perilous enchantment, fighting to control the energies I have raised.
Part of me is cast with it, tearing from deep within my soul, rending my very being, but I have not been whole since she was lured from me and trapped in this vile place.
The cage shimmers and fades, blown away like morning mist by the tempest that I have raised.
With my last strength, I turn to her; watch her soar above the verdant canopy, free at last.
Her cries echo across the valley, trumpeting her transcendent ascent to freedom.
I slump to the ground, nose in the rotting mulch.
I hear the vengeful mob approaching.
They seize me, bind me with iron, fearful even yet of my abilities.
The hood prevents me from facing my accusers, but I know them, suffer their petty vengeance.
But in my mind I hear only her voice, see only her face.
I am condemned.
There is but one verdict.
But, as I prepare to burn, I am content.


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Despite his Mother telling him not to, Nick continues to make things up.



  1. What a beautiful yet heartbreaking sacrifice. Gorgeous language again, making for a vivid, emotional read. x

  2. You write with such depth of description and feeling! What a wonderful story.

    1. Thanks MK This was a re-working of a piece that I had abandoned a while back. Glad I dredged it up again :-)