Friday, December 26, 2014

Nick Johns Week 131: Moment of Truth

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Nick Johns' Picture Choice: One

Title: Moment of Truth

My reluctant feet shuffled across the baking dirt of the arena, raising ephemeral dust devils that dogged my steps like stray dogs following a butcher’s cart.

Ten thousand pairs of eyes on my back pushed me towards the tower. Looking up at the vertiginous stack, I squinted into the glare of the midday sun.

I wiped my suddenly damp palms on the seat of my trousers, hoping that the movement looked thoughtful and resolute, not lonely and nervous.

All my young life had brought me to this moment. I had been selected for this. I had wanted it even, competed fiercely for the singular honour now bestowed upon me. All the hopes of the now hushed crowd rested on my actions this day.

I thought about the others who had gone before me, how each of them had stood where I now stood. Each of them had faced the choice I now faced and they had all succeeded. I took one last long look up at the immense pile of bricks towering above me, dizzying row upon row, reaching up, a red needle piercing the clear blue sky and advanced to the start line. One mistake now could doom these people.

It was my turn, I knew, but I waited to be announced, as was expected. The rituals must be observed.

The speakers whistled and the voice boomed out.

“And now, next to move in the World Giant Jenga Championships...”


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