Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Help Those Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

As I'm sure many of you are aware of, Hurricane Sandy came tearing through the northeastern United States causing rampant flooding and wide-spread power-outages from New Jersey and New York all the way to Cleveland, Ohio and southwards into West Virginia where they received several feet of snow. This storm has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and millions are still without power, and will likely to be without power for several weeks.

One such person in those millions without power is our Wednesday author, Sarah Aisling. She and her family are fine, but they are without power for the foreseeable future.

Please help those that need it the most right now and donate to the American Red Cross. Even the smallest donation will help those who lost everything to those that just need a little help.

There are many ways to donate, which ever is the most convenient for you. Remember, it's not the amount that you donate, just that you do. Many areas have been declared as a National Disaster Area, which will help, but the American Red Cross will get much needed supplies to the people that need it now.

American Red Cross
Online Donations
Texting Donations
Phone or Email Donations

Thank you for your time.

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