Monday, October 8, 2012

Jen DeSantis Week 16: At Last

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Jen DeSantis’ Choice: 1

Title: At Last

The moment came in a flash of pain that seared through her and nearly brought her to her knees.

She wasn’t weak. She’s stood strong against the heartache, the crippling fear, and the rumors. None of them had the potency to bring her down. But then, the metaphorical straw landed delicately upon her back and she buckled beneath its weight.

Her fingers rooted painfully in her hair, she felt the first tear burn the back of her eye and she blinked against it. It would not be denied. As it rolled hot and angry down her cheek, she wondered if it would leave a burn. The rest of the tears welled up without ceremony, flooding out of her eyes in a torrent of emotion.

Only the trees stood witness to her terrible pain. The moans came next and she let them take her to her knees. Body wracked with the guilt of giving in, she rocked back and forth in the grass as the sobbing ebbed and faded.

Soon, only silent, cold tears remained, slipping lonely down her puffy cheeks. She didn’t wipe a single one away. She stood without ceremony as the last tear’s salty path dried. Their crust would be a reminder of the pain she purged, the pain she’d never let herself admit.

Gingerly, she caressed the old tree who’d been her silent companion through the storm, and she walked away. At last, she’d left it behind.


Jennifer DeSantis is a Horror and Paranormal Author and host of the #FridayPictureShow. She lives near Philly with her family. In her spare time is an aspiring ninja.


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