Saturday, July 27, 2013

JB Lacaden Week 57: In A Field

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JB Lacaden’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: In A Field

In a field
Painted purple
We sat
In a sea
Of wild flowers.

In a field
With songs
Being sung
By the wind
And the brook
And the leaves
Of the trees
We sat
And humming

In a field
A boundless sky
Of clouds
IAnd sun
And dreams
We lie
And watched
Our imagination
Mold clouds
Into our fantasies.

In a field
We lived life
In a purple dream
Of song
And dreams
And fantasy
And we left parts
Of us there
As parts of us
Grew up.

In a field...


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JB Lacaden dreams of someday being a published writer. He currently resides in Manila, Philippines. He's a lover of comic books, science fiction, and high fantasy. Check out some of his works at and follow him at @jblearnstowrite.



  1. Love this! Love the whole dreamy quality - and purple and clouds are two of my favourite things!