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Jenn Baker Week 54: A Tiger’s Love

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Title: A Tiger’s Love

Nicholas watched Mindy closely. His red, rough tongue lazily brushed over his paw. When he shifted, Nicholas wasn’t sure how she would react. She crouched in the corner of the room looking ready to bolt.

What do you think?

“Holy shit! You can talk.” She sat up and flattened herself against the wall.

Technically, I’m not talking. He slowly laid his head on top of his paw.

“I don’t care. You are communicating with me!” She ran her hands through her shoulder length hair. “You are a tiger! How does that even happen?”

I was born able to turn in to a tiger.

“So your parents can become tigers?” She wrapped her arms around her chest.

Yes, they can shift in to tigers as well. My sister’s mate is actually a leopard. Nicholas lifted his head. At the movement, Mindy stood up and pressed her body even closer to the wall, fear etched on her face. Letting out a sigh, he lowered his head back down.

Mindy, I’m not going to hurt you. I just wanted you to know who and what I am. He watched her relax. She slid down the wall until her ass hit the floor. He watched as she took a couple of deep breaths.

“Have you always been able to change?”

No. Shifters can’t change until puberty. But I knew it would happen. I saw my parents do it plenty of times. They sat quietly for so long, Nicholas closed his eyes.

“Can I touch you?” He opened one eye slowly and reclosed it.

Of course you can. You know I love having your hands on me. He heard her move. The shift of cotton on cotton as she came closer. Her vanilla scent was stronger as she leaned close. He felt the soft touch of her finger run from his nose to between his eyes. He let out a low purr.

“You even purr.” Mindy let out a quiet, nervous laugh.

I’ll purr louder for you if you really pet me. He heard her laugh quietly again.

“I prefer it when you growl.” With that, she buried her hand in the fur at the nap of his neck. Opening an eye, he watched as she moved around his massive head to his side. He closed his eye again when she started massaging his neck and slowly down his spine. As she moved down his spine, his purrs changed to low growls. Taking a deep breathe, he willed his body to change shape. At her gasp, he opened his eyes and looked at her. He reached up a hand and pulled Mindy’s face to his.

“I told you that I liked your hands on me.” He whispered before taking her lips with his.


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Jenn lives in central Florida with her best friend and husband, Andy. When not reviewing books on her book blog, PonyTails Book Reviews, she writes her own Contemporary Western Romance and Scottish Historicals. Jenn is hoping to have her first novel, The Prodigal Cowboy, published in the fall of 2013.


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