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Kimberly Gould Week 54: The Price of Salvation

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Title: The Price of Salvation

Sierra checked her fingernails. None broken. Impressive considering the fight he had put up. It had taken all her strength to knock him out and then most of it again to haul him around. Thank God, he wasn’t heavy-set. He was a man and nearly twice her size, however. Practice had built her up. Trevor was the third man she had captured. Third time was the charm, right? She hoped so. People were going to get suspicious if there were any more disappearances.

She had run more tests this time, tracked Trevor longer. She was almost certain he had the antibody she needed. Now she just had to analyze this most recent sample.

Looking over her shoulder, she watched the lights on the chromatograph. They meant little, just that the machine was working. A dull thudding came from down the hall.

“Hey! Let me out!”

As she had the two before, she ignored Trevor and pulled out a bottle of polish, adding white stripes to her nails.

The chromatograph let out a trill as the results began printing. Sierra blew on her nails and reached for the paper.

“I’m serious! Let me go! You can’t do this!”

There it was! Exactly as she had hoped. She strode over to the cell and held the paper up to the glass.

“I’m afraid you’re staying, Trevor. You are going to help me save the world. Until I can manufacture this, however, I need complete access to your blood. You can stay, alive, or I can drain you, dead. I prefer the former. Don’t you?”

“You crazy bitch! Let me out!”

Sierra sighed and slid the panel shut over the window. Turning on her stereo, she proceeded to drown out Trevor’s cries while she set to work on another vial of his blood, taken while he was unconscious. Hopefully she had enough and wouldn’t need to drug him for a couple of days. Chloroform was bad on the liver.


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  1. Great piece. Totally drew me in, wanting to know what she had planned!