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Kimberly Gould Week 56: Wonder of Wonderland

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Title: Wonder of Wonderland

Did it get better than this? Being surrounded by books and having nothing to do but take the time to read them. I got paid to do it, too. Ace! Professional book reviewer. There really wasn’t a better job on earth. I plugged in my headphones in to some easy-listening soundtracks and classical music, trying to match the mood of the books. It was rather easy. Fantasy? Pastoral? Lord of the Rings. Science Fiction, Military? Star Wars. Historical? Romance? Classics!

Settling deep into my plush chair, I opened the first in the pile of ARCs that arrived this week. I didn’t get far, however, before an odd noise drew my attention. It sounded like a siren, but not. For one thing, this cabin wasn’t exactly anywhere near emergency facilities. It wasn’t complete wilderness, but it definitely wasn’t urban either. Pulling off my headphones, I listened more closely.

More examination didn’t help. What was that? With regret, I set my book down and opened the door, poking my head out. The day was lovely, not that I didn’t mind spending it inside with my books, but I would probably bring the copy outside and read in my hammock. The noise was louder, more alarming, and no more familiar. It sounded vaguely like a bird, but not one I recognized. Wandering down the path away from the cabins and into the woods, I followed the sound, curiosity drawing me.

The alarming cry cut off abruptly. Looking up, I found the source. The bird was huge with a large hooked bill, similar to a macaw, but much larger and less colourful.

“There you are. We’re late. The rabbit is going to pluck and tar me.”

The bird flapped as it dropped off the branch, not flying so much as falling in a glide.

“Well, let’s go. The queen is not a patient woman.”

With a hand to my head, I tried to recall falling down a hole, or maybe taking some medication. Nope. I had no explanation for what I was seeing or hearing. I also had no ability to turn around and head back to my cabin and books. I had to know how far this fantasy went.

“Sorry. I’ll try to keep up.”


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