Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kimberly Gould Week 133: Reaping

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Kimberly Gould’s Picture Choice: Both

Title: Reaping

Closing his eyes, he pushed away the world outside. He drove out the cold, the dark, the dreary. He gave winter a mental snowboot to the butt and kicked it as far as he could. If he focused carefully he could make it different. He could smell fresh cut grass and wildflowers, he could feel the rasp of grass blades under his fingers. He could taste the fresh grain and flour, threshed and bearded.

Smiling at the sun warm on his face, he felt a breeze, heard a flutter, and barely made out a coo. A rock dove had landed in front of him and he opened his eyes to see the bird, the sun irridescent on the feathers of the bird’s neck.

He stared into the beady eye of the bird before it cooed again and hopped off, picking at a wrapper in the snowy gutter.

The man wrapped his tattered and patched blanket tighter around his bony shoulders, shivering. He would have to find a soup kitchen or shelter for the night. Until then-

Closing his eyes, he pushed away the world outside.


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Kimberly Gould is the author of Cargon: Honour and Privilege, and it's sequel Duty and Sacrifice. She can be found most places as Kimmydonn, including Kimmydonn.com


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