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Miranda Kate Week 132: Frozen

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Title: Frozen

Roderick went outside and looked at the pipe, cursing under his breath when he saw the state of it. They when winter came they would struggle, but they hadn’t quite anticipated this much. They really had taken so much for granted.

He tapped it with his spanner, and the icicle cracked a little. He hit it harder and some of it broke off. But he worried he’d break the pipe if he hit it too hard, as it would be brittle too. They had several more months of this to go, too.

“Any good?” Hanson had come out to join him.

“Nah, it’s frozen solid. There’s no way it’ll thaw until spring.”


“Yeah exactly.”

“We could try the house next door.”

Roderick followed Hanson’s eyes to the building next door. They hadn’t been inside to see what it was like in there, but maybe it was time they did. In the cold weather at least the rancid smells would be reduced.

“Has Brandon come back yet from the power station?”

Hanson shook his head. “Nope, think he’s still out there trying to figure it out with Daniels.”

“Getting power back would be such a blessing.” Roderick put his spanner away and looked up at the front door of the neighbouring house. “Do you want to go, just the two of us, or shall we gather some of the others first?”

Hanson sighed. “We need to at least tell the others we’re going in, we have no idea what state it will be in, inside, anything could happen.”


Roderick was pleased. He didn’t fancy going in there without a crew. It had taken them long enough to sweep the brownstone they had settled in; clearing out all the debris, and toxins, to make it liveable. He wasn’t sure if he was up to doing another one just yet, but they had no choice. Without water they’d have to abandon the city all together, and in mid-winter that wasn’t a good idea.


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  1. I'm liking this tale of survival against the odds already. x