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Miranda Kate Week 134: New Location

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Title: New Location (Part 2 - follow on from Frozen)

The neighbouring house had proved a no-go area; it was entirely infested and they had to be stripped down bare when they came out, and washed off in snow – being as that was the only water they had. It sucked, and Janice was the first to say it.

“We can’t stick around here without water, and with there being so many places still infested, we just can’t risk it.”

“So what do you propose?” Roderick said, shivering in several layers of spare dry clothing. “Where are we going to go?”

“My votes for the mountains.” Daniels said.

Everyone looked at him, a bit stunned. Mountains surrounded the city, they could be seen from every point, particularly with the city’s grid system layout; the horizon point always ended with a spectacular view of them.

“How would that be any better than being stuck here without any water? At this time of year it’s going to be nothing but snow up there,” Abby said, rubbing Roderick’s arms as she spoke, trying to help him break the shivers that were still coursing through his body.

“I know all about mountain survival. My dad taught me. Our ranch was on the edge of the Flaggerty Range over in the East. My dad had a cabin up there. We could head for that. It has its own generator, although I’ve no idea what state it would be in, it’s been years since anyone’s been up there.”

“How big is it? Would it fit us all in?” Hanson looked round at their group of nine adults and four kids.

“It’d be tight - there are only four bedrooms, but in this weather it would keep us warm. Again, I can’t guarantee what state it’s in though. I think my brother went up there about three years ago and did some work on it, so it should be okay, but …”

“How long would it take to get up there?” Roderick though it was worth checking out.

“Well if we can find a couple of four wheel drives and some gasoline, we could drive up there in about five or six hours – depending. We might have to dig our way through some of the mountain passes, but I’ve done it before.”

“And there’s water up there?” Janice wanted confirmation it was going to be worth the trip.

“Yep, I know where there’s a fresh water stream, and a river too in the summer. Plus with all the snow up there we can use it for melting. It won’t be contaminated like the stuff down here.”

Janice nodded; her frown reducing with a possible solution was in sight.

“Plus come summer, there’s lots of flat space around the cabin, we could build another house.”

Daniels looked round at everyone. He could see that they were thinking about it. Some of the worried expressions had lifted, as they were imagining it.

“Shall we put it to the vote? All those in favour raise a hand.”

It was unanimous, every hand went up.

“Okay, that’s settled. Hanson, shall we go looking for some trucks now then? Why don’t you ladies start packing us up and maybe we can get moving as early as tomorrow morning?”

There was a general murmur of agreement and everyone started moving, enthused with the idea of a new location and starting afresh; a new life that would take them away from all the death and destruction the infestation had brought. Daniels even noted a few smiles creeping in, especially on the faces of the smaller kids. A new purpose and focus brought relief for everyone.


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  1. Making the decision for the mountains seems the easy part for this bunch of survivors. I like the group appearing to be in harmony. x