Monday, January 26, 2015

Lizzie Koch Week 136: Starry Night

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Title: Starry Night

As frosted grass crunched beneath every step, her stockinged feet still burned. Far enough away from the sounds of the party, she sank to the ground and lay still, letting the cold roll over her, soothing her aching body. She gazed up at twinkling stars, winking down at her against a blanket of indigo. She exhaled deeply, watching the vapour disappear into the night. Peace enveloped her as she took in the beauty of the night, letting her body heal from the dawn till dusk work she undertook daily. She didn’t care for the party dress either. It was still a uniform of her enslavement. In fact, she preferred her rags. At least they were true to her existence. This dress was nothing more than illusion.

Escape was far from her mind. There was no where to escape, no way to escape. Prince Charming wasn’t going to come and whisk her away and end her Cinderella life. Fairy tales didn’t exist. The only escapism she had was looking up at the vast night sky.

Which seemed to be getting closer.

The stars glowed brighter, bigger, around her, shimmering against her skin. Reaching out, her hand tried to grasp a star. It glowed in her hand, whispering at her.

“Don’t be afraid. Come with us,” the voice said. “Become a star.”

The alarm sounded. Her break was over. She didn’t want to return. The thought of returning brought back the burning soles and aching limbs. It wasn’t a life. Freedom and travel was what she was promised.

Maybe Prince Charming didn’t exist but fairy tales did as she ignored the alarm, smiling at the warmth the star gave her, rising high into the night, her Cinderella life nothing more than a speck.


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  1. Really enjoyed this, so much beauty in your words.

    1. Thank you Laura!!!! Means a lot that you said that. x

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yay!! Thank you!! Really pleased you liked it. Means so much!! xx