Kimberly Gould

Kimberly Gould was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta and lived there until
completing High School. Not satisfied with a high school diploma, Kim
went on to study environmental science, transferring to the University
of Alberta in Edmonton to finish her Bachelor's degree. Through her
schooling, she met Allen Gould, and after finishing her degree with
summer credits, married him in September of 2000.

At that time, Kim was hired on at Wild Rose Consulting, Inc., where she continues to work part-time through the winter with a heavier work load in the summer season. The nature of the job allows for vast stretches of time in a car or the bush, where her imagination can roam.

So it was that in 2009, three years after the birth of her daughter, Delilah, Kimberly returned to the writing she had largely abandoned with her classes at the University. She began by expanding on the work of
others, filling in scenes left out of books she enjoyed, elaborating back stories of lesser known characters, and in some cases, writing beyond the end of a book or series.

With these stories she learned how to craft a novel of her own and finally saw the opportunity to explore
ideas she had jotted down, not expecting to return to again. She also found she enjoyed the endeavour so much that the need to write and create filled her. Now she can't imagine going a week without writing
a short story or a chapter for a novel.

Her first novel, Cargon: Honour and Privilege, was released in June of 2011 and she has hopes
that her second novel, Thickness of Blood, will be published by the same publisher, Martin Sisters Publishing, this summer.

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