Lizzie Koch

As an avid reader, I always wanted to have a go at writing a book but never knowing where to start. Whilst studying for my BA Hons, I had the opportunity in 2010 as part of the module, to write a story which took over everything else! Two years later, wanting to write something else but not knowing what, I started a blog and fell into the wonderful world of flash fiction. I had no idea it existed! What I have learnt from the flash fiction exercises has enabled me to write another novel (chic lit) which I would love to see out in the big, wide world. I am in the middle of writing a YA paranormal fantasy as flash fiction has broadened my reading and writing. Writing has now become a passion which I can share at work too.

I work as a teaching assistant in a local primary school  which is perfect as I love my job, work with my gorgeous friends and have an awesome amount of time off where I can write, plot and create. Oh and I attend a pub quiz regularly where we often come last but if it was judged on noise and contents of table picnic, we would win hands down!

I live in East Sussex with hubby, who I met whilst working at Harrods, and our teenage son and a bonkers, very vocal cat.  The demands of wanting a dog from my son and Hubby are generally ignored. I love chocolate, baking, eating cake, making celebration cakes and the world of celebrity; often found in the garden on sunny days reading ‘heat’.  I love London, history, royalty and football as well as going to gigs. My dream other than to become a published author is to visit New York.    

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Love Lizzie x

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