Denise Callaway

Denise Callaway was born in Southeast Oklahoma, where she graduated high school. Over the next seven years, she bounced around from college to college, served in the military, was married, had a child, and divorced. Faced with raising a child on her own, she focused her efforts and graduated with a degree in accounting. However, after working two years in that field, she realized this was not a good fit for her.

Returning to school, she refocused her efforts on an education degree which would allow for her many passions. In 2003, she taught her first class in the tiniest of schools in Southeast Oklahoma. Since then, she has settled in central Oklahoma where she spends her days teaching math and her evenings and breaks chasing creative pursuits, parenting her daughter (now in college), and traveling.

One of those creative pursuits is writing and Denise has been putting pen to paper since the 5th grade. Encouraged by teachers, family, and friends, she wrote short stories and poetry from that point forward. She has been published in Diamonds and Rust poetry anthology, various newspapers, college poetry and writing journals, and Yahoo! Voice over the years. Her preferred writing genres are slice of life, fantasy, and romance.

Twitter:  @denise_callaway

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