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Kimberly Gould Week 6: Mademon

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Title: Mademon

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Head high, white blond hair flowing behind her over her cape, Mademon left her castle. She didn’t run, but her pace was brisk.

“You’re home,” she cried, wrapping her arms around her son’s neck. Her nose wrinkled at the smell on him. “What happened?”

“Mother, I’d like you to meet Vessa.”

The dark haired woman glared at both mother and son. Her full lip pouted slightly and made her seem younger than Mademon was sure she was.

“Vessa, I am Mademon, Lady of the Mountain. You are welcome in my home.”

Vessa’s expression changed as soon as Mademon gave her name. The pout was traded for a smile. “It is a pleasure to meet you, my Lady. Your welcome is gratefully accepted.”

Mademon tilted her head slightly, surprised at the formal reply. ”Cormac, tell me what happened!” she urged her son.

“I rescued Vessa.” The woman shook her head slightly in disagreement, but Cormac continued. “I told you about her, remember? Isn’t she the most lovely woman you’ve met?”

“She is certainly that. What did you rescue her from?”


The Morrigan tapped her nails on the arm of her throne. Her eyes blurred and she saw for a moment through the eyes of her vassal, one of the many crows who scouted for her.

“What?! No! It can’t be!” Yet there it was. She had left Vessa in the care of her most powerful ally, the last dragon. Vessa had been eager, curious about the creature, it’s history, it’s behaviours. And now both ally and granddaughter were gone. One slain, the other stolen.

“Who?” she asked aloud, her thought conveyed to the bird who shared his sight. He remembered, showing her what he had seen.

The young man was quick and brutal. The dragon was centuries old, but this brat had walked into his domain while Vessa entertained and distracted the ancient. He didn’t see the sword until it was pried between his scales. Fool creature! She would have been there, helped him, if she’d known.

The memory continued, Vessa being carried away by the same young man.

“Find him!” she ordered. Every crow within the reach of her mind took flight as one.


Kimberly Gould is the author of Cargon: Honour and Privilege and the upcoming Thickness of Blood. She can be found most places as Kimmydonn, including



  1. Ah, this was awesome, got to see more of the story ... and that not everything is as it seems. The damsel in distress? Not so in distress after all. Very nice.

  2. I love the Morrigan. What a fun character to read. This was great and I love the split POV.

  3. This is great. It lifts me out of my everyday life and takes me on a trip to your world. I'd bet it sounds great read out loud. Maybe you can get Judi Dench to do the audio book!