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Kimberly Gould Week 48: Remaining

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Title: Remaining

You might think I lived in the country, a tiny shack of a house, dirt path, rickety fencing. You’d be forgiven for the mistake. This place is quite ramshackle and the city wishes I would let them tear it down. I won’t, though. It’s full of too many memories. I can’t bear to part with it. I deserve something new, better, but I’m still clinging to this little place. If only I still had the man I shared it with instead of his memory. If I did, I might move on, with him. Together we could cross the river and build a new place in one of the new neighbourhoods.

It’s been years since he left me, years tied to this corner of earth. It wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t stop fate. Just like I couldn’t fight what happened to me.

I sometimes see him by the river, walking with his latest loves, but he’s faint and shadowy, a whisper of the man I once knew. It doesn’t stop me from staring at that shadow and remember spending time with him on the banks.

It really is time I moved on, let the city have this place. Not for the first time, I get up and make my way out, past my house, past the river, to the edge of town. I stand there, one step away from what comes next. One day, I will take that step and pass beyond this life. Until then, I will continue to terrify anyone foolish enough to disturb me in my misery.

At least our daughter survived.


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