Monday, January 19, 2015

SJ Maylee Week 135: A Way Through

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Title: A Way Throughs

Jonathon landed in Norfolk last week. Since he gave up on his attempts to reach Chicago, the fates have let him stay longer and longer in each spot. They might think he’d given up on reaching his Roxanne, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It didn’t matter how long it took, he’d figure a way to get to her.

The search was the only thing keeping him going. The weight of losing her might get heavier every year, but the thought of giving up was something he couldn’t do.

He looked at his watch and began pacing. The innkeeper claimed the town philosopher walked by this time every afternoon. It had taken him far too long this time to track someone down. Any minute, the fates could take him away. He kicked the side of the building. If he was ever going to figure out a way, he’d have to up his game.

Landing in the swamp area last year was his turning point. The tribe he’d met in the surrounding woods had provided him with a wealth of information. From their teachings, he’d learned the importance of perspective. They may have given him research for the fates, but, more importantly, they sparked an idea.

He might not be able to get to Roxanne, but she might be able to bring him to her.

His gaze caught movement behind him. He tripped over his feet as he crossed the street.

“Mr. Perkins?”

“Yes?” The man kept moving, only glancing his way for a mere second.

“Sir, I’m hoping you can help me.” He picked up his pace. Heat raced up the front of his shins. “Please, you might be my last hope.” Tension buzzed through him each time his heel struck the pavement.

“Not here.” His stride remained even. “My shop’s on the next block.”

He struggled to keep pace with the little man. A moment later, they entered the dusty shop.

“I’ve been expecting you.” He pulled out a box from behind the counter and laid out a pen, a notebook, and a candle. “We have no time to waste.”


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