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Kimberly Gould Week 58: Gomen Nasai

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Title: Gomen Nasai

Desiree placed the last jewelled comb in her hair. Hopefully, he would be pleased. It hadn’t been easy to find a Japanese-style villa available for rent. In fact, this one wasn’t, but she had persuaded the owners, promising that they would only stay one night and leave no trace they had been here. So far, she had delivered on that, bringing all her clothing and accessories with her, ready to pack them all out again. She had removed their futon and brought in one of her own, just in case.

Desiree was not Japanese. She wasn’t really into anime and didn’t appreciate the culture the way he did. She understood his appreciation, however. She was enamoured with the Aztec and Mayans and would live in an adobe given her choice, so she knew why he wanted this and she was willing to do anything for him.

The sliding of the door was so quiet that she almost missed it. Desiree scurried as quickly as her bound legs in the tight kimono skirt would allow. Then she knelt at the doorstep, ready for his command.

“Welcome home, Master.”

His finger came below her chin, making her look up at him. She smiled, expecting to see his pleasure.

“You parked in front,” he said, his eyes flashing.

Surely she hadn’t. She had parked in the garage, wanting to maintain the facade that this was a night in Japan. Her lip quivered, afraid of the anger he displayed.

“Gomen nasai,” she pleaded, lowering her eyes although she couldn’t lower her face as he held her chin.

“Perhaps, in time,” he answered, using his free hand to remove his belt. “Until then-”

Desiree squeezed her eyes shut.


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  1. Oh my gosh! The tension and fear is palpable. Great story. xx