Monday, February 16, 2015

SJ Maylee Week 139: A Homerun

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Title: A Homerun

Jane pulled Tony into the Cider Mill. They’d arrived just in time for the last hay ride of the night. Her photo shoot had gone a little long, but she’d gotten the pictures she’d wanted and the spread would look amazing in their next ad campaign.

“Tony, don’t let me forget to get some cider this time.” They’d come for the barn party to launch the season a few weeks ago, but they’d had such a good time that they’d completely forgotten to get some cider before they left.

“That all depends.” He stepped in behind her.

“What do you want?”

“Well, you’re done with your prep for the campaign, right?”

“Tony?” She turned around to face him. “Here? Tonight?” She dragged her finger down his chest. Their games had started innocent enough, but each time they’d gotten a bit more daring.

“You did lose the bet and I’m tired of waiting.” He took her hand and led her outside and around the corner. “I want to cash in tonight.”

“Okay.” She looked over her shoulder, confirming they were out of sight before rubbing up against him. “Second base it is.”

“Oh no, that was last time.” He pulled her closer.



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  1. Love the title! Made so much sense after reading. A cute and cheeky little tale; right up my street. :-) x