Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Denise Callaway Week 150: Small Journeys

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Denise Callaway’s Picture Choice: Two

Title: Small Journeys

Susan continued down the path, one foot hitting the gravel followed by the next in the slow padding of an easy jog. She needed escape and clear her head. Too much has been happening way too fast and now Marcus wants them to move in together. I’m twenty-two, she thought. I’m not ready for this. Her feet continued their easy gait.

The prompt from her smart phone startled her as it informed her of her distance and time. One and a half miles down. She was striving for five. She had a 10k coming up in a week and the cause was important to her. She had lost her dad recently due to lung cancer. This 10k was to help raise funds for research and to provide a cathartic release of some of her grief.

Grief, that was a journey on its own. The monster would jump out of trees and startle her, shaking her to her feet. Then, having once more cried her last tear, it would shrink back and hide once more, waiting to catch her unaware. Susan had traveled with grief once before. The loss of her grandmother had shaken her up at fifteen. Now she met the darkness once more, and it seemed to know her ways. Grief was much harder to shake now. Perhaps that was why it was so hard to make a move. Marcus treated her well, loved her dearly. He stood by her as she dealt with the loss of her dad. He patiently checked on her when he didn’t hear from her to make sure she was fine and had eaten. Why is the idea of moving in together so difficult? Because no one can replace dad. As that thought came to her, she paused in her run. She stood, bent, hands on knees, panting...the sting of tears came unbidden. She wasn’t ready for this love thrust upon her. Still, looking up she realized the paths had merged and her next small journey had begun.


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