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Miranda Kate Week 150: The Future

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Title: The Future

Daniels took a moment to appreciate all they had achieved since their arrival at the cabin last winter. He said down on a tree stump and took in a lung full of the sweet autumn air. The leaves were starting to turn and they looked pretty surrounding the new cabins. They’d had a productive summer. The three buildings stood strong ready for the next winter.

When they had arrived, Daniels had hoped to achieve one extra house by this time, but was amazed that they had managed two. The enthusiasm and dedication of everyone working together, especially the two young lads Bobby and Steve, was heart-warming.

Daniels had worried about being the leader. It wasn’t a mantle he really wanted, but it had been thrust upon him with this being his father’s land. Plus he was a doer and always had been. You could sit and talk your arse off about all the plans in the world, but until you go up and actually did something it didn’t mean shit. He liked ‘doing’, it helped him feel like he had a purpose, and it distracted him from the grief of the past and the fear of the future. But it seemed he wasn’t alone in that, as was clear by the productivity everyone had shown over the summer months, and it made his job a whole lot easier.

He scanned the solar panels on the roofs hoping they would hold throughout the winter. He had to admit to being impressed by his own son’s ability at wiring those puppies up. Seems his brief apprenticeship under the local sparks before the clearing had paid off. Although all the kids of his generation seemed to know a lot more about electrical gadgets, Steve and Bobby had known a trick or two, too. He’d enjoyed watching them figure it out together, just leaving the heavy work of physically installing them to him and the older guys.

Daniels sighed. But was it all for nothing? Little Sandy, Abby’s youngest, had been burning up a fever off and on for two weeks now, and none of them could be sure it wasn’t more than just a seasonal virus. And then Kyle, Janice’s eldest vomiting up over dinner last night, and taking to his bed, running hot and cold all night. Was it just the change in the weather, as Harris insisted, or was it something more?

They’d buried the burnt remains of the bodies they’d discovered in the workshed wearing facemasks and gloves. They’d made sure they were good and deep too, putting them in an area of scrub they had no plans on ever using for growing. But were they free of the risk of being infected still, or was this the beginning?

It was part of what they faced every time one of them fell sick, and soon the stash of medical supplies they had hoarded would run out.

But this evening Daniels didn’t want to think about that. He wanted to appreciate how far they had come and how they had moved from surviving in the city to thriving up in the mountains.


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