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Kimberly Gould Week 153: Crossing That Bridge

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Title: Crossing That Bridge

Denis’ breathing was shallow but even. To Marie, he appeared to be sleeping, not stabilizing from surgery. She worried about bringing the kids to see him, that they would be scared by the monitors and tubes, but aside from an IV there were none of the latter and the former beeped as steadily as his breath. When he stabilized and she could bring in the children, she would.

When he stabilized. The doctors were always careful to tell her than there was no guarantee Denis would wake up. The internal injuries were severe and he had lost a lot of blood. She didn’t listen. He would recover from this, just as he had recovered from accidents in the past. It was after the first one, before either Lola or Eugene were born, that she asked what she would do if he didn’t recover, if he wasn’t able to work any longer.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” he assured her.

That bridge was looming once again, and when a week had passed without Denis waking, she was startled to find a black car in her driveway. The kids in the backseat were as curious as Marie.

“Who’s that? Is it Uncle Mike?”

“No,” Marie said. Denis’ brother had a pickup. “Stay here.” Unfastening her seatbelt, she exited her minivan.

“Marie Cunningham?” a man in a suit asked as he exited the shiny sedan.


“I’m James Buchanan. I am Denis’ attorney.”

Marie shook her head, confused. “No, Doris Driver is our lawyer.”

“Yours, yes. Denis and I went to high school together and he has kept me on since then. Shortly after your wedding, Denis asked me to hold this.” He passed Marie a manilla folder.

“Mom?” Lola asked from the rolled down window of the minivan. “Can we come out now? It’s hot in here.”

Marie shook her head to clear it. James Buchanan didn’t seem a threat any longer. “Of course. Go ahead and take Eugene in with you.” She held out the keys to her eldest, still only nine.

“They are so big,” James mused. “I’ve only seen the pictures Denis sends. Go on, open that,” he insisted.

Marie opened the folder to find a few pages with bank details for a savings account worth over a hundred thousand dollars. It was in Denis’ name, but James Buchanan shared the account and there was a place for her to add her own name.

“I don’t understand.”

“Denis sends me a message every Monday. When he didn’t, I tried to call. When that failed, I knew it was time to bring this to you.”

Marie frowned at the papers. Then she saw the note James had written in the top corner of the first page. “Bridge Account”

“I hoped we’d never have to cross this bridge.”

“So did Denis.”


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Kimberly Gould is the author of Cargon: Honour and Privilege, and it's sequel Duty and Sacrifice. She can be found most places as Kimmydonn, including Kimmydonn.com


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