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Mark Ethridge Week 154: If It’s Just A Dream, Let Me Dream (Part 10)

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Title: If It’s Just A Dream, Let Me Dream (Part 10)

His Holiness didn’t disappoint. He arrived in his personal plane, more of an air yacht than plane. He brought his bodyguard with him, and his wife. “Men, power, and sex,” I laughed. Blue laughed at the sight of an old man with a 20 something young woman politely walking with him, showing her beauty, and her jewelery. “Pearl earrings. And the biggest diamond I’ve ever seen on a finger.”

And not one sign of life, or thought, in her eyes. Only emptiness. Only the will of the church, and her service to the church, and her spouse.

Blue cackled, “Now that’s what I call a dirty old man.” She elbowed my ribs, “Bet he has a harem at home.”

“No. But, she’ll conveniently die in a few years, and he’ll be forced to pick another wife.”

“Did I ever mention how evil your people are?”

After a good laugh, we resumed watching the monitors. His high and mightiness made his way to his throne, his trophy walked beside him. The man looked absolutely disgusted. It was hilarious to listen to him as he made his way through the massive defenses of the Levites. “Let’s get this the fuck over.” He motioned to the lead Levite, “I want that fucking traitor fried. And the blue goo with him too.”

“Sir! Yes, Sir!”

He looked at his trophy, “And then we can get back on board, my dear. And you can get out of those restricting clothes.”

Oh, yeah. He was a classy guy.

“He called me goo?” Blue shook her head. “Goo?”

“It’s typical. Anyone not a Christian and not from my Earth is just a blob of goo, and must be eradicated.”

She sighed, “I believe I already mentioned how evil your people are.”

“Yes, you did.”

I checked the time. Right on schedule. The next flare wouldn’t happen for six hours, more than enough time for his holiness to deal with us pathetic heathens, and get back to being one of God’s chosen.

“Ready for some fun?” I ordered the last two drones to join the party, "Time for some old fashioned shock and awe."

Old fashioned UCAVs from centuries earlier. Virtually no radar cross-section, low visibility drones. Armed with conventional missiles. Two drones, 16 missiles armed with high explosives made at the atomic level. One teaspoon of the stuff would leave a hundred foot crater in the ground. Each missile had four times that.

The UCAVs had old fashion projectile cannons on them. 50 mm. Their job was to take out the anti-matter cannon of the Levites.

The UCAVs flew high until above the warehouse. Then, they plummeted. Two missiles erased thee roof of the warehouse from existence, made such a boom, every Levite inside went deaf, and the flash of light, smoke and fire blinded everyone.

The cannons cut the platform with the anti-matter gun to ribbons. The Levites never knew what hit them. The remaining twelve missiles took out his holiness’s pretty yacht, and blew a straight line through the Levite’s walls of defenses.

“Flashy,” Blue nodded.

“I try.”

The laser defenses of his holiness cut in, and cut the UCAVs to pieces. I’d known that would happen. “That’s why I put the gas in the drones.” A cloud of nanites fell from the drones and filled the warehouse. The Marines were free from the Church.

Oh, the firefight that ensued. Heavily armed Marines assaulting the Levites. Part of me wanted to watch, but it was time to move.

Without words, Blue and I accelerated into the warehouse, right down the path made by the UCAVs. Blue flew straight at his holiness. I parked, aimed, and launched grenades filled with that same high explosive, at his holiness’s personal guard.

Blue stopped in front of his holiness. “Blue goo? Really?”

She punched him in the nuts. Hard. He fell, howling in pain, gasping for breath. She put a grenade in his big fat mouth. “Blue goo? Really?” She turned, and headed out as the grenade went off, and his holiness became little bits of goo scattered here and there.

We’d done what we had to. We’d negotiated with the Church. They’d come to kill us, and they’d lost. The entire exchange took less than one minute.

Blue grinned. "Shock and awe. Good description."

"Still works, don't it."


We didn't speak for a time, until I stated the obvious. “Well, Blue. Now things get ugly.”

She nodded. “I know.”

“Everything ready?”


"The Christians will leave, then they'll try to poison the planet, kill everything."

She nodded. “I hope this nanotechnology of yours stops theirs.”

“It does, Blue. It does.”

“It will protect the us?”

I nodded.

“I believe I’ve mentioned how evil your people are before.”


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