Friday, December 11, 2015

Kimberly Gould Week 178: Frozen

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Title: Frozen

Thea pulled the door shut behind her. She might as well have slammed it for the way it echoed through the hall. It was so quiet. Had the foster home ever been this quiet? Childish squeals and fits of laughter filled the air alongside tears of frustration, homesickness and loss. Be they happy or sad, the sounds never ceased, except they had.

Thea opened the first door she found, looking for someone, anyone. The first room was empty. So was the second, the third. She stopped opening doors, racing down the stairs instead. Here was the kitchen where Mrs. Black was almost always fixing a meal or snack. There was the library where Mr. Black would read to the children when he wasn’t away at work. Both were as empty as the upper floor.

Throwing open the door to the basement, the bang as it hit the wall echoed again, reverberating off hard concrete. Nothing down there.

The front door was closed but not bolted. She threw it open as she had the last. She froze in place, not able to take another step.

There were all the children and Mrs. Black, as frozen in place as she was. She screamed, and none of them answered.


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