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Lizzie Koch Week 178: The Tour Guide

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Title: The Tour Guide

Millie was bored. The holiday with her parents was boring. The beach but was OK but they insisted on taking day trips to dusty old buildings where her not nearly enough tanned skin was shielded by the sun. Today was another day excursion in melting heat to another dust bowl in the middle of nowhere. Even a gift shop couldn’t make this trip better.

“Hi, my name’s Dom and I’ll be your guide today.” A tall, blonde and gloriously sun kissed man grinned back at the group as they gathered around him, Millie pushing to the front.

Hanging on to his every word, Millie couldn’t lift her gaze from him, giving Dom her best smile. Occasionally, his eyes fell on hers with a flicker of a smile as he spoke with passion about the temple and secret passageways. When they broke for lunch, Millie saw her chance. She wandered over to Dom and sat down next to him.

“You love your history,” she said cheerily.

“It’s a job. I learn my lines. It’s easy when there’s a story behind it.“

“What’s the story?”

“Weren’t you listening?” he asked, raising a brow.

“Yeah, of course.” But Millie’s blush gave her away. She tried to listen but couldn’t focus on the words his silky voice delivered, couldn’t get past his cobalt eyes. But as she finished her lunch, she promised to listen.

The tour disappeared into the building, deep underground. Fire lit torches lined the stone passageways. The group crowded into a room and again Dom’s words floated over Millie’s head. Soon, the crowd filtered out and Millie hung back.

“Have you lost something?” Dom asked.

“No . . .”

“Look, Millie, you’re really nice, but . . .”

“Nice! Nice is not something any girl likes to be called,” she said, sauntering towards him.

“OK, cute. You’re cute but I have a girlfriend.”

“Cute is better.”

“I need to catch up with the group. Without me, they’ll get lost. It’s a labyrinth of tunnels down here. And a tomb. If you were listening earlier, you’d know a jealous tyrant of a king entombed his own sister to die in this very room with her lover. It gives me the creeps and it’s not the right place for what you’re suggesting.”

“Just one kiss,” Millie whispered, feeling his warm breath on her face in the cool room.

“Not today,” Dom replied. “I’m not interested.” He walked passed her. “We need to go.”

Her stomach knotted as as anger spiked from within. What was the point of the holiday if she couldn’t even get a holiday romance going on? The one good thing she’d seen was now leaving the room.

Without hesitation or much thought, she rushed towards him but stumbled over her own tired feet. Her hands grasped at the wall, scraping down as her head just grazed against an unlit torch. It creaked as it moved. Dom stopped and turned slowly as a rumbling filled the room.

“Quick, get up,” he shouted as the floor shook beneath him. Dust showered down.

Millie pulled herself up, wiping the dust from her face. “This isn’t funny!” she moaned.

“It’s not a joke, quickly! Grab my hand. Come on.”

“Why don’t you come in and get me.”

The doorway was growing smaller, yet Millie still stood her ground, a spoilt teenager wanting her own way.

With a sudden rush, Dom charged through the doorway, stooping to get through. His hand grabbed hers and yanked hard. Choking and blinded by the dust, Dom pushed forward, doubled over, pulling Millie behind him and throwing her to the floor, falling heavily on top of her. The room sealed behind him with a thunderous clap and a cloud of dust. Heavy breathing and coughing filled the silence as Dom hauled himself up, leaning against the wall.

“Took you long enough,” Millie said casually, sitting up. “But you really didn’t need the theatrics.” She kissed his dirty cheek before standing. “Maybe the maze next. Would that be the right place for what I’m suggesting?” she asked, giving him a sideways glance as she glided away.


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