Tuesday, March 19, 2013

J M Blackman Week 39: I’ve Never Had Much In Common With My Father

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J.M. Blackman’s Picture Choice: I’ve Never Had Much In Common With My Father

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I’ve never had much in common with my father.

We were both tall. We both were dark. We both had tight, black curls. And we both kept our heads shaved so low you couldn’t tell.

I think that’s the entire list.

We could hardly agree on anything else, and sometimes he argues about the height.

But when I started building boats to sail, he took interest.

At first, he just cruised around my workspace. Just checking in. No, no, I don’t want to get involved. Just checking in.

But then he would hand me a piece, would hold the mast as I attached it, helped set the sail in correctly. Then, he was joining practice sails, recording times, suggesting changes to increase speed, or decrease wobble.

The sturdier the boat grew, the less we argued. He still doesn’t agree that we’re the same height, but I figure he doesn’t really have to.


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J.M. Blackman is a Language Arts teacher, author rep'd by Gina Panettieri and a feminist. She endeavors to review nearly everything she reads and is a happy wife. She's a SFF enthusiast, loves dark humor, and has an unhealthy need to protect the image of Batman.



  1. Lovely... it feels like a haiku in its brevity and power. Packing this much awesome into such a small box is quite an accomplishment. Very nice.

  2. Thank you, Jeff. As always, I'm floored by how much you enjoyed it.