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Jen DeSantis Week 39: Into the Darkness (Part 1)

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Title: Into the Darkness (Part 1)

“It looks so … ordinary,” she said, shaking her head. “Are you sure we’re in the right place?”

“Yeah. This is the address.”

I stubbed out my cigarette and slammed the car door. I cringed, again wondering just when the old rust bucket would fall apart. Lani was right; the old building didn’t look like much; but according to my sources, this was the address of one of the most haunted buildings in the city.

“So we just go in? Is there some sort of key or something?”

Lani was here to interpret. Her skills as a psychic investigator were unparalleled. I was along this time mostly for muscle, but also to document her findings. Lani didn’t remember the information she collected when she was in the zone. She needed me, and that was OK by me.

“Well, that’s sort of up to you,” I said, smiling. “My contact didn’t give me any information about how to get in. I guess that’s part of whole mystique of the place.”

Lani rolled her eyes and walked up to the place. She gave a visible shiver as she approached the gate.

“Lots of energy already,” she said.

I pulled out the recorder and turned it on. This was when she she shined. Her fingers hovered over the lock mechanism and she pulled quickly away.

“Danger,” Lani whispered. “I sense danger here, Ryan.”

I cocked my head to the side. “Not Ryan, babe. Still Kevin...”

“Ryan … don’t go in there, Ryan. Don’t make me go in there.”

Her voice was high and and unfamiliar. I stepped forward and almost broke one of the cardinal rules. I almost grabbed her away from that place.

I could feel it too, wafting off the orange brick and invading the warm Spring day with cold evil. The place was full of it and I didn’t want Lani anywhere near it.

She straightened her shoulders and pushed firmly on the gate. It moved without any trouble at all. Lani seemed to shake her head, coming out of her trance.

“Weird, huh, Kev? Not even locked.”

“Yeah … maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe we should call this off.”

“Right,” Lani scoffed. “You’ve wanted this place for months. You gonna let a little shiver turn us back now?”

I chuckled nervously. “Of course not. You’re right.”

She walked through the gate and screamed.


I haven’t seen or heard her since.


Damn the rules. I know now that I should have followed the rules.

If I had, maybe Lani wouldn’t be gone and I wouldn’t be stuck here, locked on the other side of that wall, cut off from the outside world in a house of horrors. Locked in the darkness with no way out.


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Jennifer DeSantis is a Horror and Paranormal Author and host of the #FridayPictureShow. She lives near Philly with her family. In her spare time is an aspiring ninja.


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