Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jenn Baker Week 38: Note from the Heart

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Title: Note from the Heart

The heart is a complicated and fragile organ. How can it continue beating when completely shattered? But most amazingly, the heart is capable of healing and loving again.

When we met, my heart was shattered. The person I had entrusted it to did not cherish it like I thought he would. I was afraid to open up to someone knew. I didn’t think my heart would ever heal. But you proved me wrong. Your generous heart and love provided a safe shelter for my heart to heal and love again.

You are my best friend and the love of my life. I am very lucky.

Becky laid her pen aside and looked at the page in front of her. The two hearts with you and me labels under them, along with her note, made her smile. The Fates had an interesting way of showing people who they are destined to be with. After re-reading the note, Becky slowly folded the page and slipped it into an envelope. Getting up, Becky took the note to the kitchen and slipped it into Ben’s lunch box. She knew that he will call her when he finds the note. He always did when she gave him a note. With a small smile, she went back to the bedroom to wake him up for work.


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Jenn lives in central Florida with her best friend and husband, Andy. When not reviewing books on her book blog, PonyTails Book Reviews, she writes her own Contemporary Western Romance and Scottish Historicals. Jenn is hoping to have her first novel, The Prodigal Cowboy, published in the fall of 2013.



  1. I have one word, or sound more specifically, to describe what I thought of this one. Awwww.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Kayla. :-)