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Lizzie Koch Week 144: The Miracle Room

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Lizzie Koch’s Picture Choice: Two

Title: The Miracle Room

“And here,” continued the tour guide,” is the Miracle Room.” Noah followed the group in. “This is where Orenda came up with her magical routines that wowed audiences for decades. You may look around but please, don’t touch.”

Disinterested in the mass of props, old, leather bound books and various bottles fighting for shelf space, Noah sat at the back of the room on the threadbare carpet. He was more interested in Danielle. He watched her as she stood giggling with her small group of friends, pointing her polished, slender finger at something of interest on a small wooden table. She brushed her long blonde hair back off her face. Every move she made was elegant, exaggerated to attract attention.

Well she had his.

“I keep telling you she’s way out of your league,” Cameron said, sitting next to Noah. “You’ve got more chance of snow in August than Danielle even looking at you.”

“She might notice me if her meathead of a boyfriend wasn’t around.”

“If Daryl wasn’t around, she’d go out with another meathead. You know the cliques, the unspoken rules.” Cameron ignored the ‘no food’ rule and pulled out a chocolate bar from his rucksack. “However, this is the Miracle Room,” he laughed. “I’m guessing your one miracle would be you asking Danielle to the prom and her saying yes?”


“No, wait, you’re miracle would be something gruesome happening to Daryl and the other meatheads. You’d be the only one left. She’d go to prom with you then,” laughed Cameron.

Noah didn’t respond. He was used to Cameron winding him up about Danielle. But he liked the idea of something gruesome befalling the perfect football stars. Maybe one of those swords hanging on the wall would accidentally fall . . .

There was Daryl, siding up to Danielle. He slipped his arm around her shoulders, showing everyone he owned her. Noah knew he would never treat Danielle like property. It annoyed him that Danielle, as intelligent as she was, allowed herself to be portrayed like that, like some trophy. She just needed to notice him. That would be a miracle.

The tour guide began to usher people out. Noah stood, throwing his rucksack on his back.

“She’s looking at you,” Cameron said, “Danielle is looking at you.” Noah looked up and met Danielles’ gaze. She smiled and walked over.

“You’re Noah right?” she said, still smiling.

“Yeah, hi.”

“I’ve seen you around, “ she continued. “What do you think of this miracle room?”

Noah shrugged. “Just a gimmick.”

“You don’t believe in miracles?” she asked, “because me talking to you is one.” She giggled as Daryl walked over, draping his arm around her again. “Yeah, like snow in August,” Daryl laughed. Flushed with anger, Noah tensed up. Being teased by Cameron was one thing. Being teased by a meathead and his perfect girlfriend was another. If they loved miracles so much, maybe he should make it a miracle to have the strength to hurt them both, like they hurt him. His eyes gazed upon the swords, his mind followed.

“Come on Noah,” Cameron said, pulling him away. “A miracle would be finding a brain in theirs,” he said over his shoulder to Daryl. “We’d have to dig pretty deep to find it.”

Without warning, Daryl lunged at Cameron, grabbing him by the neck as he pushed him against the wall. “Maybe the miracle is you walking out of here alive,” he hissed.

“Stop,” Danielle shouted. “Is it snowing?” she asked Noah. Surrounding the four of them was thick, white flakes of snow, tumbling from the ceiling, carpeting the floor. “Is it real?”

Noah, scraped up a handful of snow, moulding it into a ball. “Yeah, it’s real,” he said, throwing it at Daryl.

“Snow in August,” Cameron said. “So this is the miracle room.”

“We need to leave,” Noah said, walking towards the the door, ignoring the snowball fight going on behind him. He reached out a hand, turning the handle but it didn’t move, He pushed the door but it didn’t budge. “Guys!” he shouted. The snowballs stopped flying. “We’re locked in.”

“I’m sure someone will be along shortly,” Danielle replied, throwing a snowball playfully at Noah. She smiled, a smile that would have melted his heart any other time.

“It’s snowing. In the Miracle Room. Like we said. It’s come true. You’re talking to me,” he said, pointing to Danielle. “All the miracles are coming true.” He let the words hang in the air as he stared at Daryl. “If we don’t get out of here, those swords are going to get busy.” Rattling and clanking filled the room. Noah looked at the display of swords, trying to break free. “I’m sorry,” Noah whispered.


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  1. Love it! I was listening to a Frozen music when I started to read this. Ironic, considering the wrap up.

  2. What a crazy turn! I wonder what they'll do next.