Friday, March 27, 2015

Nick Johns Week 143: Charles the Last

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Nick John’s Picture Choice: One

Title: Charles the Last

I viewed the man along the smooth ash shaft.

My arm muscle twitched as I held the tension in the string.

The Captain peered up into the Sun’s dappled rays as they played among the leaves.

His hand, cupped to his mouth, shook as he shouted.

“Come down, face the people’s justice, now or later..”

“Would you harm me and break God’s law? Leave me in peace and save your soul.”

“Enough talk, Tyrant. Take him – Now!”

The arrow flew true, staggering him as it buried to the fletching in his chest. He pitched forward, like a string cut marionette, but his fine blue cloak snagged on a broken branch leaving him swinging, showering the grass with vermillion raindrops.

“Cut him down. Send a rider to inform the Lord Protector that Charles Stuart has been executed; and fell this for firewood – there’ll be no Royal Oaks in this Commonwealth.”


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Despite his Mother telling him not to, Nick continues to make things up.


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  1. What a dark tale.Sounds like the middle of a really interesting story!