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Miranda Kate Week 140: Provisions

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Title: Provisions

Daniels was pleased that they had moved everything over by the time the sun had cleared the horizon, although it reflected the depressing reality of their situation – there wasn’t much to take. All their personal belongings and kitchen stuff, including food, was comfortably packed into one truck. Gas and tools took up only half of the other.

“Shall we swing by Rylies on our way?” Rod asked. He was driving one of the trucks, Daniels the other.

“Yeah. Did you see any wood or kindling stock piled in there? And I want to get some tarps too if we can find them.”

“There was a whole section we only skimmed ‘cause we couldn’t carry more. I’m sure there were – bags of coal too.”

“Yeah we’ll need plenty of them too. I want to fill the back of both trucks nice and tight. It would be a waste otherwise, plus we won’t risk losing anything if we swing about too much.”

Brandon joined them at the back of the half-empty truck. He handed Rod some rope to help secure the load they had just packed in. Daniels looked at it.

“We could do with some more rope too - can never have too much of that.”

Rod nodded.

They went back inside where Abby and Janice had rounded everyone up, and got them ready for the trip. The little kids, Sandy and Dylan stood clutching their teddy bears and looking excited, while Daisy and Kyle, who were not yet teenagers, look less motivated. They all stood in the lounge, waiting to be told where to go. Bobby and Steve joined them, having been up with the adults and running stuff in and out along with Pansy and Damon. Daniels addressed them all.

“Okay, I’m driving truck one, meaning I’m leading up the mountains. I’ll take Janice and her kids, Daisy and Kyle, and Hanson, Harris, and Brandon. Roderick’s driving truck two, so he’ll have Abby with him and her two Sandy and Dylan, along with the youngsters, Bobby and Steve and Pansy and Damon. Is that okay?”

Everyone nodded.

“Now, we’re gonna swing by Rylies, the wholesale store on the way, and I don’t like the idea of any of us being split up, so I suggest we all go in, including the little kids, is that okay Abby?”

“That’s fine by me.”

“Good. Okay, let’s get gone.”

They all filed out to the trucks, which had been left idling to get the heating systems going, and climbed in.

The trip to Rylies was uneventful. They got into the store easily as the others had the day before, and found plenty of what they needed - plus a little more.

The sound of music had spooked them all, as its eerie, sad tone had echoed round the silent warehouse, and brought them all running from the different sections to the central display where they found Damon playing a violin. It had come off a special display of musical instruments, which had been the special the month before the clearing.

When he stopped playing, Damon looked at Daniels, and said, “Is it okay if I take this Wes?”

“It sure is son, and Pansy, grab one of those guitars, I used to play a little when you were younger, if you remember.”

“Sure do, daddy,” she said, as she passed one over to him from the display.

“So did I,” said Brandon, as he picked up another.

It brought a smile to their faces to remember fond times, and gave them hope of recreating them again in their new home.

Everyone pitched in to take their fresh haul out to the trucks, excited to be on the move. And they were packed and strapped, and ready to go in record time, as they set off for the mountains.


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