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Denise Callaway Week 174: Narrow Viewpoint

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Title: Narrow Viewpoint

Eila watched the sun slowly rise through the window. This was his favorite window in the entire compound. Unlike the others, this one offered a hint to the outer world. He could see the wire threading through the glass, reinforcing with woven efficiency. Behind that, the clouded glass showed a shadow of a metal grate. The rust discoloured the glass. The design kept the outer world from invading into the inner world. But on a good day, Eila could see the sun and patches of sky. On a great day, Eila caught a glimpse of green life.

He pushed the broom towards the corner. Task complete, he afforded himself the luxury of a climb up the wall. Carefully, he removed his gloves and tucked them into his belt. His shoes followed, placed together next to the climb. When he made his first reach, his feet found the crevices with ease, followed by his hands. Finally, he broke past the upper ledge. Resting his elbows on the ledge, he gathered in the view hungrily. The leaves were sparse but he could see them twist and turn at the will of the wind. Eila considered this motion and then his mouth opened in pleasure as he watched it break free and float down to the ground. Free to touch the earth. Free to explore. Free to know. He slid down the wall from his perch. Free. Sliding his eyes around the room, he sighed. The fog would move in soon and the trees would disappear. Picking up the broom, he continued to sweep the dust into a pile.

One day.

One day I’ll drift.

One day I will know the dance of the leaf.

For now, I will shroud myself from the fog.

Scooping the dust, he moved on into the compound. This room will lock itself when the fog moved in and he couldn’t afford to be on the wrong side. The poisons...they say their own people created the poisons, the fog. His own people created this prison. His own people...because of greed...power...avarice. Now, there was nothing...but dust.


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