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KendallJaye Collard Week 175: Lady Masika’s Consort

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Title: Lady Masika’s Consort

Gods Damn It!

Another morning I was going to be late for work.

I lived on a small island. It was mostly a tourist trap with outrageously priced time-shares and vendor stands selling eight dollar lemon shake-ups. I was one of the few residents who called this home. During hurricanes or major storm events, the city hub would send police over to escort everyone off the island. They would raise the drawbridge to prevent people from sneaking back to their homes.

The drawbridge was up. There was no storm.

I slowed my vehicle to a stop and glared at the raised drawbridge. Everything about this Friday the 13th conspired against me. Alarm clock broken. Dropping eggs. Holes in socks. Buttons popping off my coat. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the drawbridge mocking me as well.

I put my car in park and shut off the engine. No telling how long this wait would be.

I got out of my car and slammed the door. In frustration, I fished my phone from my coat pocket and began to jab at the numbers for work. While waiting for Susan to answer the phone, I heard a soft rumble. The rumbling began to change from audible to physical. The earth under my feet began to buckle and shift as the rumbling grew louder. I had to drop my phone and steady myself with both hands against my car. My attention turned to the rumbling waters.

And then I saw her. The Goddess.


I’d been asleep far too long. It was good to stretch my arms and feel the sun kiss my face. I smiled as I felt the warmth pushing through my muscles, my blood, my bones. I allowed myself to breathe in deeply of the salty air. I moved my arms and legs through positions and poses I remembered from dances performed thousands of years ago. The summons was complete. I was risen once more.

I opened my heavy lids to see the surroundings had completely changed. The scent of the water was familiar, but my eyes were full of new and wonderful things.

I danced my way to solid ground.

And then I heard him. The Human. He was weeping.

I looked down. Tiny details eventually came to focus. He was so small. So fragile. Had I grown so much in slumber? Had this realm become smaller?

I smiled as I crouched to be closer to Him. “Why are you weeping?” I asked, remembering too late that my language couldn’t be understood. I took my finger and traced a line from the corner of my eye down my cheek. He could only nod as the choking sobs wracked his body. I knew He wasn’t the one who summoned me, but I felt the need to protect Him all the same. His emotion touched me.

I faded until I was small enough to dry the tears from his cheeks with my hair. I vowed immediately to never leave His side. Not even gods know how much time we have to spend. We were bound, He and I, until my summoner could find me.


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