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Lizzie Koch Week 176: Fallen Angel

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Title: Fallen Angel

“I can’t do it anymore. It’s horrible down there,” said Gabby. “Everyone hates everyone else.”

“That’s why I need you to continue with your task, my dear, spreading cheer and hope to those who need it.”

Gabby looked down below, upon humanity, looking no bigger than ants as they scurried around, giving time to no one. In another direction, a war raged. Another, a protest march turned into violence. It was Christmas and not one Christmas song could be heard above the vitriol that flooded so easily from lips that were once innocent and kind.

“They all need it,” she moaned.

“Exactly.” He kissed her forehead, and she was gone.

It was raining. Gabby wasn’t surprised. The weather was growing darker by the day; heavy, black clouds sitting silently, blocking out the sun’s feeble rays. She made her way through crowds towards the park where she began to hear the faint sound of singing. One of her many sisters stood alone, her voice small against the unwelcoming, unseeing crowd.

“I’m with you, sister,” Gabby cried, pushing through the crowd, reaching out her hand.

“It’s too late,” she whispered as a single tear slid down her cheek.

A shrill cry escaped Gabby’s lips as her eyes met the empty eyes of her sister with the tear frozen on her grey cheek. The warmth her sister had was gone as Gabby’s hand touched cold, hard stone.

The hatred around Gabby caused the stone to crack. The face that always smiled started to crumble and the stone angel toppled and fell at Gabby’s feet, splitting in two.

No one noticed.

No one cared.

A tussle broke out a few feet from Gabby, fighting over a bag of shopping. More people joined in, like it was a sport.

“Father” please let me come home,” she shouted, looking up to the heavens, somewhere above the thick, angry clouds.

“My dear, I had no idea it was so bad down there,” he said, placing an arm around her.

“It’s worse. This is all I could get,” she said, showing the stone face of her sister. “The hatred down there is killing us. What do we do?”

“Nothing.” He exhaled deeply, his shoulders hunched. “It is too late for them.”

Gabby looked down along with her father as he called back his surviving angels. With no angels left on the earth, they looked down in horror as human turned on human and tore each other apart.


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  1. Heartbreaking. We really are just a bunch of animals, aren't we?