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KendallJaye Collard Week 185: George and Martin

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Title: George and Martin

“George. George. George. It’s adoption day. I can feel it. George.”

I had been sleeping so soundly that it took a few minutes of nudging to get me rousted. I did a large yawn and rested my head back down between my paws. “Awww lemme sleep, Martin. It’s good here, yeah? Warmth. Food. Humans with soft hands.”

“Life is more than this, George. Sally in Block Three went home yesterday. SALLY. You remember Sally, right George?”

“Yeah Martin. I remember Sally.” In fact, Sally was a large part of my melancholy. I’d gotten to be pretty good friends with the senior canine. Sally would tell me stories of adventure and of heartbreak. She’s spin tales of heroic street capers and darkened alleys. My brother Martin and I were born in the shelter, and Sally’s masterful storytelling always made me feel like I was outside living her stories.

“George. George. There’s a girl coming. I can smell her. She’s the one George.”

“She’s not the one, Martin.”

She rounded the corner. Her parents were chatting away with the shelter volunteer. She was looking at the big dogs. We were completely ignored.

Martin carried on in the way that Martin always would. Barking and jumping and trying to get her attention any way he knew how. I just sighed heavily and ignored my brother. But something felt wrong. Something was off. Something very bad was about to happen.

I got to my feet and took a deep breath in. The air was heavy with metallic scent. I shoved Martin and his antics aside. I bit into the wire of the cage and started to pull as hard as I could. I had to get to her.

“Now that’s odd,” said the volunteer. “George is usually such a timid boy.”

I continued to tug at the cage door.

“Can we see George?” the mother asked.

“These two have to be adopted together. They’ve never been separated.”

The mother hesitated.

The volunteer opened the cage anyway.

I bounded out.

The girl bent down to pet me.

I tackled her flat to the ground and laid on her.

The mother screamed.

The father yelled.

The volunteered looked shocked.

Martin was stock still.

And the girl started to seize.

I lay as hard as I could on her with my tiny body, wanting to protect her. Only then did everyone realize what was going on. I was trying to save her life.

After her seizure subsided and order was restored, the paperwork was filled out to take me and Martin to their home with Martin as her forever playmate and me as her steadfast protector.

And as fate would have it, we moved in next door to my friend Sally.

Life was good.


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