Sunday, January 17, 2016

Laura James Week 183: I’m Sorry

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Title: I’m Sorry

“You left me!”

Brian heard the accusation in her tone, yet he knew it was his imagination or a waking dream, it couldn’t be her; she was dead. He had come to the crypt to look at her final resting place, to see if he could finally forgive himself, she maybe hadn’t said these words but it was true. He had left her. Simply driven away after they had fought, by the time he realised he was being silly it was too late. She had gone; taken by persons unknown; found three days later in the church crypt. Her body before death had been defiled and brutalised; only her face remained unmarked and as beautiful as when she was alive.

Sitting alone on the spot where they had found Mary, Brian closed his eyes and prayed for forgiveness. Breathing in the stale air, listening to the sounds of water dripping down the walls, he relaxed, his body became like lead; unmovable.

“I said you left me! Don’t you care that it’s all your fault!” There was no mistaking that voice and tone. Brian opened his eyes and saw what was left of her but did not recoil. He knew now that this was his penance, he had to sit and face her spirit; beg her for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry Mary, can you forgive me?”

“Forgiveness is asking a lot.”

Brian watched as she stretched out what was left of her hand and caressed his face, like the lovers they once were. He smiled, she would forgive him, he could move on.

He was still smiling as her two fingers punctured his eye and burrowed through to his brain.


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Based in Dunfermline, Scotland, Laura is obsessed with all things horror and spends her time writing flash fiction which she hopes, on occasion, really scares her readers. Feel free to stalk her on twitter, @lejamez



  1. Oh, I love your short and not-so-sweet stories!

  2. That caught me out. I was enjoying their tender moment! x

  3. LOL, you love doing those endings, don't you?