Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sydney Logan Week 22: Goodbye

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Title: Goodbye

We can’t stop touching.

Our hands and fingers linger along each other . . . memorizing.

As if I could forget.

I’ve dreaded this day for weeks. Knowing he was leaving, and knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do to make him stay.

It’s his duty, he says. It’s his honor.

It’s my heartbreak.

His phone vibrates, telling us it’s time.

Without a word, he slips out of bed and heads to the shower. I want to join him. It will be our last chance for nearly eighteen months. But I don’t. Instead, I look around our bedroom, and I spot his uniform hanging just outside the closet.

Perfect and pressed and ready.

I’m not ready.

I sit on the edge of the bed and look at his suit. When he reaches the base, he’ll trade it for camouflage fatigues, and he’ll no longer be my fiancé.

He’ll be a Marine.

Who am I kidding? He’s always a Marine. But when he’s home, it’s so easy to forget that he has the heart of a soldier. When he’s here, he’s just my boyfriend. My future husband. The father of my unborn children.

I’m crying when he walks back into the bedroom. Slipping behind me, he envelops me in his arms, and I cling to him. He clings to me, and I close my eyes ...

. . . and wish that Afghanistan wasn’t so far away.


Sydney Logan recently released her debut novel, Lessons Learned. She lives in Tennessee with her wonderful husband and their very spoiled cat. Please visit her website at


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