Sunday, March 31, 2013

Corina Fiore Week 40: She Thirsts

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Corina Fiore’s Picture Choice: 1

Title: She Thirsts

She thirsts
She hungers
She craves
Her fingernails pull at her skin
Clawing at the crawling sensation just below the surface
Lips parched, skin cracked
Twitching from the DT’s
Unable to cope, the pull to great
She reaches for the only thing that can satisfy her need
Her insatiable need for more
She raids the Earth
Gorges herself
Drinks from Gaia’s teat until the milk runs dry
Sucking air
She thirsts
She hungers
She craves
She leaves destruction in her wake
And cries


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Corina Fiore is passionate about learning and considers herself an education advocate. She currently writes textbooks and voice-overs for science software. When not blogging to evoke change in educational policies and women’s rights issues, she trains for her black belt.